Student organization evENT PLANNING

( 1 ) Use 25Live to create an event placeholder and location reservation two weeks prior to your event           

  • check the undergraduate and law school calendars for potential conflicts

  • when your event says "approved" on 25Live, your location reservation has been approved, not your event

( 2 ) Complete an Event Request Form and email it to two weeks prior to your event

  • Dean Mason will notify you via email of your event approval status

( 3 ) If your event is (1) on the undergraduate campus, (2) has 100 or more attendees, or (3) includes alcohol, the event registration form is due five weeks prior to your event and you must take additional steps to get your event approved! Please find the additional directions here. The Event Registration Form is here.

You can find all of this information and more on the handy-dandy

Student Organization Event Planning Checklist!


  • Facebook

  • Law Notices

  • Law School Calendar (email Mary Irvine

  • Undergraduate Calendar (email Julia Cline

  • Roy’s weekly email (email by 5 pm on Sundays)

  • Posters from the Copy Center (posting policy)


University Catering has the first right of refusal for on-campus events (catering policy)      

Catering provides linens, not Facilities


Each time the vendor is used, a contract must be executed and sent to Dean Mason ( - she will review and send it to General Counsel if needed

Contracts can only be made out to "Washington and Lee University"

Each vendor must have a current W-9 on file with the business office


You must be in compliance with the Alcohol Policy

If your event has alcohol and is on campus, request sober drivers and security from Georgianna Pisano Goetz ( at least one week prior to your event (off campus events with alcohol only require sober drivers, not security)

Sober drivers' names and phone numbers must be posted and visible at the event and one organization member must remain sober at each event

If your event includes alcohol, water and food must be available to students for the duration of the event

All on campus events with alcohol require noise permits from the local police station


Contact University Facilities for any equipment needs


Be sure to contact Law Technology well in advance if you have special technology needs for your event

Planning on recording your event? Contact Law Media well in advance to get on their schedule

Also be sure to have any speakers sign the copyright release form and return it to Peter Jetton