Ensure a governing council responsive to the will of the law school student body.

Provide a forum for the expression of ideas concerning the social, ethical, and intellectual aspects of student life.

Encourage the initiation of programs in order to achieve and maintain a high standard of education at the School of Law.

Provide for association among students, faculty, and administration to promote a close affiliation between students and members of the legal profession.

Provide for association among students and the Lexington community.

Pursue the high standard of professionalism necessary to excel in the legal community.

Ensure compliance with all University policies including those of the Executive Committee of Washington and Lee University.




10-11: Anna-Marie, 2L President

11-12: Kaity, SBA Treasurer

1-2: Emily, 3L Vice President

2-3: Roy, SBA President


1-2: Georgi, SBA Secretary


11-12: Roy, SBA President

2-3: Evan, 2L Vice President


1-2: Kimia, SBA Vice President